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Chagim at AMIT

The "Yom Tov Season" in Israel in in full swing and we are enjoying all of the festivities!

Our Pre Yom Kippur Retreat took place at Yishi, a scenic moshav near Beit Shemesh. The theme of the day was "Recharging the Mind, Body and Soul." The students had the opportunity to learn about the tefillot of Yom Kippur as well as other relevant topics through a series of interesting shiurim given by various members of our staff. The girls were privileged to hear the inspirational life story of Mrs. Michal Baruch, a baalat teshuva who shared her fascinating personal journey and return to Judaism. The students also enjoyed burning some calories with an intense kickboxing class followed by some relaxing "fun in the sun" and swimming. The day's activities culminated with a musical kumsitz that spontaneously turned into lively simcha dancing and singing!

Our last day before the Succot break was a special Yom Iyun with special halachic and philosophical Succot themed shiurim in the morning, followed by a special "Arba Minim Trip" in the afternoon. Rabbi Goldstein led the students through the neighborhood of Bayit Vegan where the girls were able to experience the excitement and festive atmosphere that permeates Yerushalayim during this time of year. We ended off the day with a fun filled Sukkah decorating activity with the children of Beit Hayeled. Our students were very excited to meet "their families" with whom they will be spending a lot of time this year. A special thank you to Dena Rothman, Simitta Barrocas and Gemma Levart for helping plan and coordinate the artistic (and messy!) project.

Also check out the pictures from our festive Simchat Beit Hashoeva with Divrei Torah, music and dinner.