Midreshet Amit


Health Insurance
Included in your tuition is a comprehensive health insurance plan which covers your medical care for the upcoming year. Please note that the coverage is only good while you are in Israel and does not extend to travel outside the country. Since insurance is included as part of your tuition, only students who have fulfilled their financial obligations will be covered.

Your medical coverage includes:

  • Private English speaking doctors
  • Laboratory fees and x-rays
  • Medication
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery

Please note that some specialists are not included in this medical plan - please see the attached information for further details. If you are taking medication, we suggest that you bring a full year's supply.

Medical Forms
If you have not yet completed both of your medical forms, please return them to our office as soon as possible. See the attached for details. No student will be allowed to attend the Midrasha until the medical forms are completed and returned to our office.

Medical Form

Tour & Care Policy

Harel Insurance Benefits

Personal Effects Insurance
Our insurance agents, Egert and Cohen, offer optional Personal Effects Insurance. Please consult with the attached information page for details. Please be aware that in order to be insured, Egert and Cohen must receive payment by mid-August. Please contact Egert and Cohen directly if you choose to take advantage of this optional insurance.

Personal Effects Insurance Form