Midreshet Amit

Arrival and Visa Information

Ariel Tours is arranging our group flight. Our EL AL flight departs from JFK airport in New York on Monday, August 27th at 6:00 pm and arrives in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, August 28th at 11:50 am. You will receive an email soon after Pesach with details about the flight, the "Early Bird" discount, pricing and luggage as well as contact information for our travel agent. A representative from Midreshet AMIT will meet all of the students at the airport and assist with check-in.

Upon your arrival, your passport will be stamped with a three month tourist visa. Midreshet AMIT will obtain a one year student visa for you after you arrive.  If you will not yet be 18 by September 1st , you will not be able to get your visa extension through Midreshet Amit in Israel as we cannot renew your visa without parental permission. Please contact your local consulate and arrange for a student visa in advance. It may take some time to arrange the visa so please make sure to look into this immediately.

Students who have Israeli citizenship or an Israeli parent will have to apply for Israeli passports.  It is advisable to check into this issue before you come to Israel.  If you have Israeli citizenship, you can receive an exemption from the IDF by filing the necessary request form at the Israel Consulate nearest to your home.

Please note: Your passport must be valid for six months after the end of the school year (December 2019).