Midreshet Amit


Beit Hayeled is monitored 24 hours a day by closed circuit cameras and an armed guard. Additionally, one of the foster fathers is responsible for all internal building security and will run an orientation session for the students explaining all security procedures. The building had a "safe area" on the lower level that can accommodate all of the residents at Beit Hayeled. This room is stocked with water and food in case of emergency.

Our student's safety is important to us, and therefore, students' need to sign out each "off Shabbat" and leave us the name and phone number of your hosts to use in case of emergency. In addition, travel forms need to be completed by parents. This form lists the approved methods of transportation that you and your daughters have decided upon. We encourage our students to exclusively use the Gilo Taxi Service, a local company that works with Beit Hayeled and employs Jewish drivers only.

We require all students to use the same student phone plan which enables us to text them easily in case of emergency. In this way, we are able to establish contact with each and every student and direct them if necessary.