Midreshet Amit

Transport Security

Dear Parents,

This email is a follow up to the email of Midreshet Amit and Beit Hayeled security rules and procedures.  Transportation throughout the year is an important issue to discuss and review with your daughter.

Please read and sign the attached form which will notify us of your preferences for your daughters mode of travel. Any decision changes can be made at any time throughout the year as long as you notify our office.

At orientation, we will discuss the following with the students:

  • No "tremping" (hitchhiking) is allowed ever
  • Students must use our recommended taxi company - Gush Etzion Taxis -  when leaving our building. This company uses only Jewish drivers.
  • For long distances by taxi, we recommend using Tzions Taxi Service which only employs Jewsih drivers
  • When returning to the building in the evening, students should travel in groups as much as possible
  • Parents will determine if students are permitted to travel by bus
  • When signing out for Off Shabbatot, student will list the location and method of transportation (both ways)


Dear Parents,

I would like to follow up on the earlier email regarding the security rules and procedures for Midreshet Amit and Beit Hayeled . 

One of the important issues to discuss with you daughter is transportation. Throughout the year there will be countless times where your daughter will be travelling on her own or with friends - within Yerushalayim and to and from host homes on "Off Shabbatot" - and therefore it is critical that the following safety protocols be reviewed between you and your daughter before her arrival in Israel.

The following rules will all be reviewed at orientation but should be first addressed by parents:

  • No "tremping" (hitchhiking) is allowed - ever.
  • Students must use our recommended taxi company - Gush Etzion Taxis -  when leaving the Beit Hayeled building. This company uses only Jewish drivers.
  • For longer taxi trips - especially outside of Yerushalayim - we recommend using Tzion's Taxi Service which only employs Jewish drivers.
  • We will distribute contact information for both companies at the orientation and recommend that students to save the information on their cell phones.
  • When returning to the building in the evening students are encouraged to travel – whether by bus or taxi – in groups.
  • When signing out for "Off Shabbatot" student are required to submit the location of where they are going and the method of transportation (both ways).

We believe that these protocols will help ensure - with Hashem's help - a safe and enjoyable and meaningful year at Midreshet Amit and we trust that you, the parents, will partner with us in underscoring the importance of these rules.

Best wishes for an enjoyable rest of the summer. We eagerly await the arrival of the students and look forward to another amazing year at Midreshet Amit.