Midreshet Amit

5777 Year at a Glance

Monday, September 5 ב אלול MTA and Torani Arrival
Thursday, September 8 ה אלול US Group Flight Arrival
Shabbat, September 10  ז אלול Opening  AMIT Shabbaton
Sunday, September 11- -Monday, September 12     ח –ט אלול Student Orientation
Tuesday, September 13 י אלול Yom Gibbush
Wednesday, September 14 יא אלול Classes Begin
Tuesday, September 20 יז אלול Chessed Trip
Wednesday, September 21 יח  אלול Introduction to Selichot Evening Activity
Motzei Shabbat, September 24 כב אלול Selichot Begin
Sunday, September 25 כג אלול Night Seder Open House at Staff Homes
Monday, September 26 כד אלול Pre- Rosh Hashana Retreat
Monday, October 3-Tuesday, October 4  א - ב תשרי Rosh Hashanah
Wednesday, October 5 ג  תשרי Tzom Gedalia, AM Classes,  Selichot at Migdal Oz
Sunday, October 9 ז תשרי Yom Kippur Yom Iyun
Wednesday, October 12 י תשרי Yom Kippur Program in Beit Hayeled
Thursday, October 13 יא תשרי Succot Yom Iyun, No  PM Classes
Friday, October 14-Wednesday, October 26 יב - כד תשרי Succot Vacation
Wednesday, October 19 יח תשרי Optional Open Sukkah Party at Staff Homes
Thursday, October 27 כה תשרי Classes Resume
Friday, October 28 כו תשרי "Live Israel Tiyul"
Shabbat, October 29 כז תשרי AMIT Shabbaton
Tuesday, November 8 ז חשון Discovery Seminar
Sunday, November 13 יב חשון Chessed Trip
Wednesday, November 16-Thursday, November 17 טו-טז חשון Overnight Tiyul
Thursday, November 2 4 כד חשון Thanksgiving Dinner Program
Shabbat, November 26 כה חשון AMIT Shabbaton
Week of December 4th   Yom AMIT #1 (1 day trip)
Month of December   Beit Hayeled Group Shabbatonim- Dates TBA
Monday, December 19-Tuesday, December 20 יט-כ כסלו AMIT Educational Seminar #1
Wednesday, December 21 כא כסלו MTA Southern Hemisphere Closing Event
Sunday, December 25 כה כסלו Chanukah Yom Iyun
Sunday, December 25 כו כסלו Chanukah Chagiga
Monday, December 26 כו כסלו Chanukah Tiyul
Tuesday, December 27 כז כסלו Chanukah Brunch and Learn, No PM Classes
Wednesday, December 28 -Shabbat, December 31 כח כסלו - ב טבת Chanukah Vacation
Sunday, January 8 י טבת Assara B’Tevet Fast- Yad Vashem, No PM Classes
Shabbat, January 21 כג טבת AMIT Shabbaton
Motzei Shabbat, January 21 כד טבת Kedma Choir Competition
Sunday, January 22 כד טבת Modern Orthodoxy Yom Iyun
Monday, January 23-Tuesday, January 24 כה-כו טבת Tiyul to Eilat
Wednesday, January 25- Thursday, January 26 כז-כח טבת Winter Break
Thursday, February 9 יג שבט Chessed Trip
Thursday, February 9 יד שבט Tu B’shvat Evening Program
Friday, February 17 כא שבט "Live Israel Tiyul"
Shabbat, February 18 כב שבט AMIT Shabbaton
Wednesday, February 22-Thursday, February 23 כו-כזשבט AMIT Educational Seminar #2
Week of March 5th   Yom AMIT #2 (1 day trip)
Tuesday, March 7 ט אדר  Purim Yom Iyun
Thursday, March 9 יא אדר  Ta'anit Esther,  AM Classes Only
Shabbat, March 11 יג אדר Optional IN Shabbaton
Sunday, March 12  טו אדר Purim Chagigah
Monday, March 13   טו אדר Shushan Purim, Purim Seudah Brunch
Friday, March 17 יט אדר Jerusalem Marathon- GO TEAM AMIT
Shabbat, March 25 כז אדר AMIT Shabbaton
Sunday, March 26 כח אדר Pesach Yom Iyun
Monday, March 27  כט אדר Matza Baking
Tuesday, March 28- Shabbat, April 22 א ניסן-כו ניסן Pesach Vacation
Sunday, April 23 כח  ניסן Night Seder Resumes
Monday, April 24 כח ניסן Yom Hashoah
Tuesday, April 25      ניסן כח Trip to Har Herzl
Friday, April 28 ב אייר "Live Israel Tiyul"
Shabbat, April 29 ג אייר AMIT Shabbaton
Monday, May 1 ה אייר Yom Hazikaron
Tuesday, May 2 ו אייר Yom Haatzmaut
Wednesday, May 10- Thursday, May 11 אייר יד - טו Overnight Tiyul
Week of May 14   Yom AMIT #3 (1 day trip)
Sunday, May 14 יח אייר Lag Baomer Trip
Wednesday, May 24 כח אייר Yom Yerushalayim
Sunday, May 28-Monday, May 29 ג-ד סיון College Prep
Wednesday, May 31 ו סיון Shavuot Program
Shabbat, June 3 ט סיון AMIT Shabbaton
Sunday, June 4  י סיון Closing Banquet
Wednesday, June 7 יג  סיון Dorm Closes
Thursday, June 8- Thursday, June 29 יד סיון-ה תמוז Optional Summer Zman Learning Program

*** All Beit Hayeled special activities and events TBA upon arrival.
*** All dates and events are tentative and subject to change.
*** No vacations are permitted without permission from the school administration.