Midreshet Amit


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Hidden Yet Appreciated

By: Jessica Schechter

After spending most of my year in Israel, I have my favorite places in this country – the shores of Netanya, Aroma coffees and of course the kotel. These are my places. 
When Hashem commands Bnei Yisrael about the mitzvah of Shmittah he says "when you come to the land that I will give you..." Isn't it obvious that Hashem gave us the land? The Alshich explains people feel ownership over their belongings. We need to be reminded that the land in not ours but rather that it comes from Hashem and is a gift. The Rambam describes the actual performance of this mitzvah. Don't put a fence around your field as it is  - announcing to others that you don't want to share. These laws are to teach empathy toward others. The Kli Yakar writes that most fights in the world are about the attitude of "mine is mine." Shmittah allows us to come together as a group unified. Just as Shmitah is a reminder for us as to who the land actually belongs this year in Israel I have come to appreciate and see Hashem in the small details as well as the large ones. I am thankful for this opportunity.