Midreshet Amit


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Holy Souls

By: Rachel Kahn and Abby Moyse

This week's Parsha starts off with the commandment to Aaron to illuminate the menorah that was with them in the desert. Aaron was told he has to light all 7 branches of the menorah and they have to be well lit till their self-sustaining flames. It says that Aaron did as he commanded. It’s said the Aaron is praised for this because he did it perfectly. Someone would think why would he be praised? Wouldn’t we assume that Aaron is doing what he’s commanded perfectly. Normally after Moshe or Aaron is commanded he’s not praised after doing the commandment correctly because that’s what’s expected. The commandment of lighting the menorah that was giving to Aaron has a deeper meaning. The menorah represents all Jewish neshamot, which there are 7 types of. Therefore the menorah has 7 branches which represents the 7 different types of souls. Generally there are two types of souls the higher level soul and the lower level soul. The higher level soul has a natural attraction to Godliness. Even once the soul comes down to the spiritual world it still has the desire to do spiritual things. This is its enjoyment. On the other hand the lower level soul only feels spiritual things after doing great work. It must think deeply into godliness. After a lot of work and prayer only then can it grow a sense of spirituality. Before this work it will be hard to tear itself away from the physical world. Aaron’s job was to elevate the lower level types of souls. He had to reveal to them the spiritually and beauty of the world. Aaron had so much holiness that he was able to do this and bring them to a state where they could be attracted to the godliness rather than being attracted to the physical world. There are two ways in which Aaron could’ve done this. You can compare this to how a teacher would teach a student. One way is the teacher will teach a student a new concept that they have never been taught. The second way is the teacher teaches the student not just the concept but how to change. The teacher taught him how to learn and how to develop concepts on his own. The student becomes a new source of knowledge. Aaron had two types of ways of putting the spiritually into these types of souls. One way was by giving them a part of his holiness. A second way is Aaron would guide them that they gain their own spiritually and holiness. They themselves should have an appreciation to godliness. It is said that the candle should be able to burn on themselves just like the people should do to themselves. This is why Aaron is praised because he did not change the command. In his holiness he could elevate these people with his own holiness instead he changed them where their soul gets changed. The persons soul itself changes to desire godliness. He didn’t just not change the commandment he didn’t change the way the soul is supposed to be transformed.