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Purim Activities at Midreshet AMIT

Over the last few days the Purim spirit has been palpable and has infused many of our exciting programs. The week began with a surprise Color War that was full of fun – and sometimes goofy – activities. We divided the students into 3 teams, Yofi, Simcha, and Malchut , and each team created artistic banners, sang original team songs, and shared beautiful Divrei Torah (see below). Kudos to the team captains, Avital Mannis, Sivan Shachar, and Ariel Noorparvor, and much thanks to Mrs. Miri Kwalwasser who coordinated the entire program.

One of the highlights of the entire year at Beit Hayeled is the annual “Shuk Purim” carnival. Our students had an amazing time helping the children get dressed up in their costumes, working at the carnival booths, and just having fun together! After the games we enjoyed great food, live music, and simcha dancing.

Our Purim chagiga – "The AMIT Masquerade Ball" will take place tomorrow night and we are looking forward to more ruach, dancing and a chance to share some very special "Purim Shtick" including the much anticipated AMIT Purim shpeil. Special thanks to Mrs. Barbara Vidomlanski for coordinating the evening and students Rebecca Greenspan, Sivan Shachar and Shayna Brenman for planning the chagiga.

Finally, to help the girls have a more meaningful and informed Purim we also scheduled special shiurim to review some of the  themes and halachot of the holiday. Many thanks to our faculty for delivering special shiurim during our "Purim Yom Iyun" which took place on Ta'anit Esther.