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Yom Hazikaron-Yom Haatzmaut at AMIT

Our students experienced the powerful connection between Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael this week. On Tuesday morning we began our commemoration of Yom Hazikaron with a video presentation and discussion led by Mrs. Miri Kwalwasser. Our students were moved by the emotional video tribute to the life of Michael Levine, an American oleh who joined the IDF and was tragically killed while defending our people and homeland. Following the movie, Miri led a thoughtful discussion, reflecting on the themes of sacrifice and commitment. Later that evening we joined with thousands of other people at Latrun (headquarters of the tank division of the IDF),for a special program in memory of the chayalim who have died protecting our country. On Wednesday morning we participated in a ceremony at the Kfar Etzion cemetery where we heard speeches by government and military officials, as well as family members of Israeli soldiers who have been killed in action. This moving experience - highlighted by the siren and the national moment of silence - gave our student a better appreciation for what it means to be a part of the Jewsh people. After the ceremony, Rabbi Daniel Goldstein led the students through the cemetery, stopping at various graves of soldiers and victims of terror, such as Koby Mandel the famous "Lamed Hey," the heroic defends of Gush Etzion. Later In the day many students chose to visit Har Herzl, the National Military Cemetery, to further pay their respects to the modern heroes of our people.

The transition from the sadness of Yom Hazikaron to the joy of Yom Ha'atzmaut was felt by all on our trip to Chashmonaim, a yishuv located near Modiin. We celebrated with the members of the Yishuv through songs, special "daglanut" (flag dances) a street fair, dancing and fireworks. We were hosted by Mrs. Channah Spiegleman and her family and were inspired by her personal aliyah journey and message for our students about maximizing the remaining few weeks of their Israel experience. We ended off the evening with a delicious BBQ prepared by Mrs. Barbara Vidomlanski who coordinated and organized the entire evening.

Yom Ha'atzmaut is a celebration of the modern state of Israel and in order to enhance our appreciation of our land, it is customary to take "tiyulim" (trips) to places all over the country. We spend our Yom Haatzmaut hiking with Rabbi Jason Knapel through Mevaseret Tzion, the tip of Yerushalayim near Highway 1. Rabby Knapel led the girls through caves and mountains, spending a about 5 hours hiking in the hot sun. Rav Knapel shared the history of this area and inspired the students to stay connected to Eretz Yisrael. Check out our fearless group in the photos. Kol Hakavod!