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First week of 5773: Orientation & Trip to the Beach!

What an incredible first week at Midreshet AMIT! Last Shabbat we spent time getting to know one another and enjoying the beautiful community of Neve Daniel. This week began with a two day orientation focused on "Building Our AMIT Community". The students had the opportunity to learn all about the academic program and register for their selected courses. (See the attached weekly schedule to learn more!) Other sessions focused on school policies, safe behavior, kashrut in Israel as well as many warm welcomes from the staff at Beit Hayeled. Classes officially began on Tuesday and the students are really enjoying the challenging courses and variety of topics. One of this weeks highlights was a "Night Seder trip" to the homes of the mechanchotwhere each group of students had the opportunity to talk about goals for the year and create collages reflecting on different aspects of their personalities. The mechanchot have already set up their weekly meetings with the students in which the girls can select to learn b'chavruta or just schmooze. This first week at AMIT came to a close with a surprise trip to the women's beach in Ashdod for an afternoon of bonding together and some fun in the sun!

Pictures of orientation

Picture of trip to the beach