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First Chesed!

This past week was productive and full of great experiences for our students. 

After a full week of learning the girls have had the opportunity to try out and select the courses and teachers that most interest them. With a wide variety of topics and lots of fantastic teachers, I am sure that each student will be able to create a schedule of interesting and enriching learning for  this semester. 

While our official "chesed program" with the children at Beit Hayeled does not begin until after the Succot, we enjoyed a different kind of chesed experience this week. On Thursday our students spent the morning at a soup kitchen in Yerushalyim preparing meals for some Israel's most needy citizens. After cutting a few hundred squash and tomatoes the girls served lunch and truly felt a sense of accomplishment. By giving to other Jews it was our students who really gained; throughout the year we will be taking similar trips to many other amazing chesed organizations so stay tuned for more!

On Tuesday we went on our first tiyul as we toured  the Southern Wall excavations in the Old City of Yerushalayim. Rav Aharon Wexler, a popular AMIT Jewish History teacher and tour guide, led the tiyul and captivated the students with historical information and inspirational stories. This wonderful afternoon culminated with a meaningful Tefillat Mincha at the Kotel.

One of the unique aspects of our program is that there are 20 Sheirut Leumi (national service) girls who live in Beit Hayeled. Over the course of the year our students partner with the Sherut Leumi girls to care for the 150 children who live in Beit Hayeled. To help solidify this important relationship this past Sunday we had our first "Erev Bnot Sheirut," where our students bonded with their Israeli counterparts through a "Speed Dating" program and a late night pizza dinner.