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Galil Tiyul

We enjoyed our first 2 day tiyul up north this week. We started off early Wednesday morning with an inspiring Dvar Torah overlooking the Galil where the girls learned about the biblical history of the area. We then hiked on Harei Gilboa and especially enjoyed the herd of cows who hiked alongside us. We enjoyed a relaxing lunch at Maayan Ein Mudah followed by an afternoon of gourmet chocolate making at the Galita chocolate factory. Arianna Kaufman (Staten Island, NY) said, "I loved how we learned about the relevance of the mountain prior to the hike and all the details about Shaul Hamelech before we got started. It makes Jewish history come alive and helps me feel so connected to the land."

We then went to daven mincha at the kever of the Ranbam and the girls learned about the life and legacy of the Rambam. We traveled up to Tel Chai for a delicious buffet dinner and a relaxing evening. Thursdays adventure started off with a hike in the Meron mountains in the morning and water rafting in the Jordan river in the afternoon. Rebecca Muller (Boca Raton, Florida) said, "The hiked were a great bonding experience for us. Seeing the scenery made me appreciate Israel's beauty and it was so much fun to enjoy it with friends." The day ended off with mincha at the kever of Rabbi Akiba where the students listened to our tour guide explained what we can learn from the life of Rabbi Akiva. A pizza dinner on the tiverya boardwalk was the perfect ending to a wonderful days. Shabbat Shalom!