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Eilat Tiyul

Midreshet AMIT went on a fabulous tiyul to Eilat this Wednesday and Thursday. Our bus left Beit Hayeled at 3:30 am (!) so that we could pack in a full day. We began the well known Canyon Shchoret Hike which was a big challenge but lots of fun followed by an afternoon of relaxing water sports. After checking in at the hotel and enjoying dinner together, we walked to the pier and enjoyed a night-time boat ride filled with spirited singing and dancing. On Thursday, some of us conquered Har Shlomo, one of the most difficult hikes in all of Israel, while others decided to conquer the sales at the mall. From there we went snorkeling and enjoyed seeing some beautiful underwater life. We had a blast, and then fell exhausted back onto the bus for the return trip to Yerushalayim. This tiyul was one of the highlights of the year so far - and one that the students are sure to remember!