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Banquet and Farewell

Each family in Beit Hayeled made a special "Mesibat Preida" for our students and the kids of Beit Hayeled presented the girls with personalized gifts. However, more importantly, the children shared words of thank you and shed lots of tears. It was difficult to say goodbye to those beautiful children with whom our girls have spent so many hours with this year. Our students presented the kids with knapsacks, designed by our very own Brooke Schiff, which they will be sure to use throughout the summer.We are so proud of the impact our students have made on these children and the meaningful relationships they created and are sure to remember for years to come.

We enjoyed our last Shabbaton in Neve Daniel and enjoyed shiurim, incredible ruach and wonderful programming throughout the weekend. A special thank you to Rav Noam Koenigsberg for the pre Shabbat ruach, amazing zemirot and musical havdalah. Ms. Dena Freundlich for an inspiring shiur and Rav Daniel Goldstein for hosting our students in his hometown community and opening his home for the whole weekend. Last, but certainly not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank our Coordinator of Student Activities, Mrs. Barbara Vidomlanski for planning all of the details of this wonderful Shabbaton along with all of this years exciting Shabbatonim in so many different communities across the country. Shabbatot in all the different places we visited were definitely among the highlights of our students Israel experiences.

On Sunday, we celebrated the end of the year with a Banquet in which the students had the opportunity to present the teachers with messages of Hakarat Hatov which were most appreciated. Check out our website for pictures from this most memorable day.