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Galil Tiyul

Last week, we enjoyed our first overnight tiyul up in the Galil!  We first waded through a water tunnel built more than 2000 years ago to supply water to ancient Caesarea. We then hiked over the Carmel Mountains, the site of Eliyahu's showdown with false prophets in Sefer Melachim (ch. 18), as well as of a tragic forest fire in more modern times.  We ate dinner in a Druze village where we had the fascinating opportunity to hear all about the Druze religion and way of life.  We began the second day of the tiyul with a walk overlooking the Mediterranean that ended with some spectacular views of the water (and of the border with Lebanon!). Then the brave among us rappelled down a cliff and hiked our way back to our waiting friends.  It was a fabulous tiyul!

Most of our students voluntarily woke up early the morning right after the tiyul (Friday) to participate in the Color Run in Tel Aviv to raise money for Yachad, which provides services for the developmentally disabled.  Then Sunday afternoon, we took a trip to the Israel Museum, where we saw manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of the oldest copies of the Tanach, and a 2000-year-old pair of tefillin!