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Adar Color War!

This week was jam packed with learning and activity! We began the week with a delicious bagel breakfast sponsored by Yardena Samson and family. The students listened to a presentation given by Mrs. Rivkie Samson, attorney and agunah advocate on the plight of agunot and the solutions being employed to help them. She gave an overview of many of the halachic and historical issues of ketubot and gittin and it was a real privilege to have the opportunity to learn and .

Color war was a blast as Team Esther and Team Mordechai battled to win the title of color war champion. Kol Hakavod to team captains Sophia Zeitz, Yakira Gerzberg, Lauren Tahari and Lauren Tahari. The girls had the opportunity to show their skill, spirit and creativity in the different activities of the day and the final presentations with songs, banner, cakes and even Instagram posts!

A special thank you to the Mayer and Katzman families for visiting us and bring bagels, fruit, pizza and sushi – its always fun to meet our students families and enjoy a meal together.

The spirit of Purim is in the air! Rav Goldstein gave an interesting shiur on the various halachot and mitzvot of Purim. Rav Rafi made us laugh with his daily costumes. Next week the girls will participate in a special Yom Iyun with more Purim Torah and experiential activities. We ended off the week with an amazing "jungle themed" Adar party. The girls enjoyed a show and a festive dinner along with many "mice, lions, rabbits" and more.. We are looking forward to next weeks festivities!