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Chanuka at Midreshet AMIT

The holiday spirit is in the air! With festive celebrations and exciting learning, our students are having a most memorable Chanukah in Eretz Yisrael. We kicked off the week with the first night of Chanukah in our Beit Hayeled families homes, lighting candles with the kids and exchanging gifts. Then the students enjoyed a musical Kumsitz (with donuts of course) led by Mrs. Adina Mann. On Monday, we ran a Yom Iyun with special shiurim relating to various Chanukah themes and a special sufganiya making workshop with Mrs. Miri Kwalwasser. On Tuesday, we had a special guest lecture with madricha Avigayil Weitman about her personal journey and the miracles in her life followed by an emotional panel with 3 staff meembrs who shared stories about miracles in their own lives. On Tuesday night, the girls enjoyed a delicious dinner and Chanukah party at the home of Mrs. Gottlieb with homemade latkes and applesauce, in addition to  lots of other great food. The students were treated to words of Torah and a very competitive Chanukah themed game.
Thank you to the Galitzer family for visiting this week and sponsoring a delicious Holy Bagel breakfast which everyone enjoyed!
Shabbat Shalom and Chanukah Sameach!