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Lag Ba'omer!

The students were busy in the Beit Midrash this week learning and  finishing the parshiot they committed to learning in Tanach for our grand Siyum coming up in 2 weeks. Kol Hakavod to Mrs. Fischer's class wherethe students were taught how to research a topic, put together a source sheet and are actually preparing to teach to their peers on Shavuot night. Lag Baomer was a real "chavaya" (experience) as we joined with the entire Beit Hayeled family in the evening for a traditional bonfire and BBQ with music and dancing. On Lag Baomer day, we enjoyed a breakfast with the Amit Mission from NY who visited and were excited to meet our students and hear all about their year in Israel. We then had a joint learning program with Rav Goldstein on the lessons we can learn from Rabbi Akiva's students. We then went to the beach for the afternoon of sun and fun (and Jamie Satran's surprise birthday cake!) with a stop on the way home at the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.