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End of year banquet

Today we celebrated the end of the year with an all day banquet in which the students will had the opportunity to present the teachers with messages of Hakarat Hatov and we, the staff had a chance to recognize each and every student for all of their amazing accomplishments this year. Thank you Emily Yarkony for designing the sweatshirts so that we will all always remember our year in "Straight Outta Gilo".

A special thank you to all of our incredibly dedicated staff members who spent so much time with our girls both in and out of the classroom. Each of them committed to challenging our students and supporting them throughout the year. Amit wouldn’t be the place it is without our very special staff. All of our students and parents know how Tali Karp, our office manager is really essential in making sure that all of the girls and staff's needs are met. Words cannot express all that she has done for every person at Amit and we are grateful for her dedication and help on anything and everything!  A very special thank you to Rav Daniel Goldstein who puts his heart and soul into each one of our students. He believes in and sees the best in every single Amit girl and works tirelessly to help them reach their potential. A huge thank you to our Coordinator of Student Activities, Mrs. Barbara Vidomlanski, for planning all of the details of last weeks wonderful closing Shabbaton and our upcoming Shavuot program. In fact, Barbara planned all of this years exciting Shabbatonim in so many different communities across the country and all of the amazing tiyulim and adventures that we had from Tzefat to Eilat and everywhere in between. Our Shabbatot in all the different places we visited were definitely among the highlights of our students Israel experiences. In addition, Barbara's helped each and every student to navigate through the ups and downs over the last 10 months and taught our students how to become more independent, confident and strong young women.


To my dear AMIT girls, we will miss you all so much!!! In only 10 months, you have pushed yourselves to grow in your Torah learning, investing in classes in so many different topics. You impacted the children of Beit Hayeled with you time, your energy, your laughter and your kindness. You have strengthened your connection to Eretz Yisrael and understand and feel the importance of this country to the Jewish people. That is what this year was all about…"Living Torah, Living Chesed and Living Israel"! You have learned about and visited some of the incredible AMIT schools and programs. I encourage you to sign up and join AFLI (AMIT Future Leaders Initiative) and continue to be involved in all the wonderful projects and work that AMIT does all over Israel.

You will always have a home at Midreshet AMIT and Beit Hayeled and we encourage you to stay connected both long distance and of course, in person, whenever you come and visit us in Israel. We look forward to staying in touch and hearing about your future accomplishments.

To our wonderful parents, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the year with your precious daughters and know that they have had the experience of a lifetime! I appreciated your feedback, support and encouragement and truly enjoyed partnering with you this year in creating a wonderful experience for our students this year at Midreshet AMIT.