Midreshet Amit

Did You Know?

The AMIT Network now includes 98 schools and programs serving almost 25,000 students in 26 cities, towns, and communities throughout Israel.

Significant percentages of AMIT students are new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia as well as France, Argentina, Great Britain and other countries.

The AMIT network of schools promotes religious tolerance, service to the state, and the recognition that every child is blessed with unique talents and abilities.

Founded in 1925, AMIT's schools, youth villages, surrogate family residences, and other programs, constitute Israel's only government-recognized network of religious Jewish education incorporating academic and technological studies.

The AMIT Network includes:

  • 31 Elementary Schools
  • 42 Junior and Senior High Schools
  • 6 Technological High Schools
  • 2 Junior College Programs
  • 3 Hesder Yeshivot
  • 1 Pre-Army Program
  • 3 Child Care Facilities, Youth Villages and Surrogate Family Residences

70% of AMIT children come from peripheral areas such as development towns.

Some 70% of our AMIT students graduated high school this year with a full bagrut diploma. Nationally, only 52% of all Israeli high school students graduate with a bagrut diploma.

Today there are some 100,000 alumni of AMIT schools living and working in Israel. They can be found in all walks of life: in education, social work, medicine, law, business, the arts and the Israel Defense Forces. At least one AMIT alumnus has served as a member of the Israeli Knesset.

Many children in the AMIT Network benefit from intensive tutorials, which provide the extra help and skills these youngsters need to overcome their poverty and family instability. The impressive percentage of AMIT students doing well on the bagrut (national matriculation examinations) is due in part to our tutorial program.

AMIT provides our students with individualized counseling, so essential for children who have endured the trauma of severely dysfunctional family life and/or live with the constant fear of terrorist bombings and attacks.

AMIT students are shining nationally and internationally! Most recently:

  • Elchanan Bloch and Avshalom Adler, of Yeshivat AMIT B'levav Shalem in Yerucham, reached the National Bible Competition finals. Elchanan and Avshalom reached this stage after successfully completing arduous written tests. They are among only six students from the religious education sector across Israel to reach the national finals. Elchanan won first place with 100 points out of 100, with Avshalom a close second. (The National Bible Competition finals will be held at the end of March.)
  • Tal Ben Shushan, an 11th grade student at the AMIT Eisenberg Junior and Senior High School for Girls in Tel Aviv, won first place in a national anti-violence poster competition.
  • Rachel Geseseh, a 9th grade student at the AMIT Shachar Junior and Senior High School for Girls in Beit Shemesh, recently won a Ministry of Education sponsored contest called "The Proverb as a Mirror of Our People."

AMIT students aren't the only one's winning awards... our teachers are often recognized for excellence as well!

  • The Religious Education Administration of the Israel Ministry of Education recently announced its list of the 100 best teachers of the year, and five AMIT educators made the cut.
  • In February, Yaffa Farjun-Shemesh, principal of AMIT Tzfat High School for Girls, was chosen as an outstanding principal of the northern region by the Ministry of Education.