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Mrs. Esther Grossman

Mrs. Esther Grossman

Mrs. Esther Grossman, originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey, received her Teacher's Certificate from Michlalah Jerusalem College for Women. She graduated with a BA in Judaic Studies from Stern College for Women, and received her Masters in Secondary Jewish Education from the Azrieli Graduate School. She teaches in numerous women's seminaries including Midreshet Moriah, B'not Chayil, Nishmat, Machon Maayan & Shalavim for Women. Additionally, prior to making Aliyah, she was a full-time teacher of Judaic Studies at the Weinbaum Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton, Florida for nine years. She enjoys welcoming her students to her home, which she shares with her entertaining husband, Rabbi Seth Grossman and  5 children.



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