Midreshet Amit


Where do the children come from?
The children are all referred to AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled through the Welfare Department; some are even removed from home by court order. Beit Hayeled has a committee that decides whether or not the child is suitable for AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled, both from the point of view of the child (can AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled provide them help at the level they need?), and from the point of view of AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled (will the child "fit in" and not create problems for other children?).

Where do they go afterwards?
When a child reaches fifteen, AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled, together with the child, looks at several options of suitable homes/residences, and in some cases even considers the option of sending the child back to his or her biological parents. AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled staff accompanies the child on visits to these places and helps them choose. They stay in contact with the child until they have acclimatized.

Are the children from religious homes?
Not all the children are from religious homes, but in all cases either they themselves or their biological parents have requested for their child to be in a religious environment.

Are brothers and sisters placed in the same surrogate family?
If it is considered beneficial for the children to be placed together, they are. If not, they are not.

How much does the state participate in the costs?
The state only pays for the children's most basic needs; AMIT pays for almost everything: from activities and therapy, to clothes, dental care and school supplies. For example, AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled is granted around NIS 400 per year per child for clothing. This includes summer and winter school clothes, winter coat, winter shoes, sports shoes, sandals, sports clothes and Shabbat clothes! AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled needs an average of NIS 1000 per year per child to fund all this. AMIT makes up the difference.

How do they find the surrogate parents?
Young couples go through a strict interview process before they are accepted to be surrogate parents at AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled. Often, tens of couples are interviewed before they fill just one position. Besides needing to be a special kind of person that can handle these children with all their problems, the couple also will be sacrificing several years of their own homebuilding and sometimes also careers. Couples do not work outside AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled, though some do follow courses at the university.

Can the biological parents visit?
The biological parents are allowed and also encouraged to visit. Unfortunately, very few of them do. There have even been cases where AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled has had to pay parents to attend their child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration organized by AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled.